Welcome to Rural Reverie!

A growing first generation family farm, it is our desire to serve our community and provide our customers with quality agricultural products.  We strive to do this while maintaining a romantic partnership with nature, and as we see it, a more traditional style of old world farming. 

Faith - Family - Freedom - Farming 

These are the values we live by and how we have ordered them in our life and on our farm.  We want to invite you to follow our family on this journey, starting a farm is not easy!  Read Our Story, check out our blog posts, and join us on Facebook, where we will share both our successes and failures.  And, if you happen to find yourself in our neck of the woods, our doors are open and we encourage you to Come and See!

You, the customer, is the most important member of our farm and why we stress for you to Come & See.  We can work from sun up to sun down every day, provide blood, sweat and tears for this land and our animals, but ultimately it would be for nothing without you.  Your support and patronage, whether it is because you agree with our values or are simply a conscientious consumer, allows us to do what we love.  For this, we thank you!  Read more on You, The Consumer Farmer.

Rural Reverie Beef

Rural Reverie Beef and Selections

Rural Reverie Pork

Rural Reverie Pork and Selections

Rural Reverie Chevon

Rural Reverie Chevon and Selections

Rural Reverie Lamb

Rural Reverie Lamb and Selections

Terms and Conditions

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us at Rural Reverie.  We put a lot of time and love into the animals we raise.  All of our meat is processed in a USDA certified facility.  Upon delivery, Rural Reverie relinquishes all responsibility for the handling, storage, and preparation of the product.  We recommend following the labeled USDA safe handling instructions.  We value customer feedback so if you are not satisfied with our product in any way, please contact us so that we may address any concerns.