Lamb and Goat Selections

Melt in your mouth greatness!  If you are already a lamb or goat fanatic due to them being unbelievable high quality proteins, then you know.  If not, give ours a try.  Our sheep and goats are raised purely on pasture from weaning through finish, only compounding the health benefits.  Not to mention, the beauty of such fine meats.  Enjoy some grilled, in soups, as a roast... or simply replace any other protein in most of the dishes you already enjoy.

On the lamb side, what's the difference between lamb and mutton? Age.  Lamb is a young sheep that has not reached maturity and a mutton has.  Many say that there's a distinct difference, that mutton is richer and more flavorful.  That lamb is more tender.  Many say they can't tell the difference and since mutton is bigger... more meat!  We simply want you to know what you're buying. 

Goats! The meat is very lean, much leaner than lamb.  There's a lot that goes into raising a great tasting high quality goat, we take pride in ours and fully understand the art and science behind it.  Don't be ruined on goat with an inferior product... give Rural Reverie a try.  There's usually a waiting list for ours; repeat, repeat, repeat customers!     

We match these cuts with market trends, being diverse as possible.  If you don't see what you want, get in contact with us and we'll try and meet your needs.