Whole Lamb Deposit

Whole Lamb Deposit

Regular price $125.00 $0.00

Price:  $14.50/lb
Deposit:  $125.00 - This deposit secures your order, with the remainder due after processing.

Rural Reverie whole lamb orders are a great option for those who desire specific cuts of meat.  Plus you can take advantage of at least a 15% discount based on typical processing.  Upon ordering, we deliver each animal to the butcher where it is custom processed per your cut sheet, and packaged by a USDA certified facility.

Whole lamb orders are $14.50 per finished pound.  The remainder due is calculated by the total amount of meat actually received, not by hanging weight, plus any requested additional customization.

What you get - Variables which affect final meat and price include initial weight of the animal (no two animals are the same) and additional customization (sausage, jerky, etc).  Our lambs are young and tender, generally between 65 and 85 pounds live weight.  Below is a generalized breakdown of what to expect using an average live weight of 75 pounds.

  • 75 lbs live animal weight  
  • 28 lbs finished weight
  • At $14.50 per pound finished weight, final cost of a whole order would be approximately $406.

Your purchasing experience is of the utmost importance to us.  If you have any questions or concerns, such as a set budget, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your needs or concerns.

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