Our Story

Welcome to Rural Reverie!

We are a first generation family owned farm located in East Texas. Our decision to enter an industry with an aging populace that is typically inherited makes us somewhat unique. It is our hope that sharing our story will inspire others to cast aside their fears and follow their dreams, because barns aren’t built in a day, cows don’t grow overnight, and money doesn’t grow on trees. We are also not lawyers, accountants, or tech savvy gurus, yet we have to wear these hats daily. As we grow our dream we invite you to Come & See in person, but if you are unable then join us on our journey through our Facebook page.

Faith.  Family.  Freedom.  Farming.
We have chosen these values as our foundation.
In order, they influence every decision we make!


Faith – as in the belief of a higher power, comes in many names. As Christians, we believe that all life is precious and has worth. Our faith also teaches us that we must be good stewards of the gifts we have been given, and use them to serve others and our community.


Family – While we grew up with some farming and ranching experiences, we each had left the rural suburban lifestyle to pursue other employment opportunities. Upon graduating high school, Tie felt a calling to serve his country and joined the Air Force, he served 22 years. Since retirement he has pursued full-time education in both Animal Science and Biblical Studies. Christina earned her Bachelor’s Degree, and then worked primarily as a contract federal investigator. Now she spends her days as an Assistant County Auditor and her evenings and weekends as a farmer. Meeting and getting married in our mid to late twenties, we had life experiences which we feel have made our marriage stronger. 

Wanting to expand our family, we decided to adopt. The road wouldn't be easy, but we knew it was truly worth it. So we jumped into the adoption program feet first, where our prayers were answered, and we were blessed with three beautiful little girls. Christina left the work force back then to focus on our new family, but nothing could have prepared us for becoming overnight parents to a newborn and two toddlers. Determination, lots of prayer, and the love and support of our families and friends saw us through. 

After several military moves, we decided it was time to start preparing for how we would serve in our second phase of life. We missed the rural lifestyle, we have a natural love and respect for all living things, and we wanted our girls to have room to learn and grow. When they aren't too busy with school and being kids, they are also learning about how to build a homestead. 

Freedom – It is our strong opinion that we live in the greatest country in the world. We have freedom and liberties not available to everyone worldwide. That's why we have dedicated over twenty years in service to our country, and continue to answer this calling.



Farming – We value a more traditional, old world style of farming, that maintains a harmonic partnership with nature. But what does this mean and how do we balance this in a modern world? There are many claims, theories, and marketing terms used today, such as organic, non-gmo, antibiotic free and sustainable. We encourage our customers to do their own research into what these terms mean and do not mean. We want to raise a wholesome product, and it is our belief that any animal allowed to live in an environment as close to what nature intended is vital. We do not make claims, we are simply transparent with our own farming practices and want our customers to Come & See how are animals are treated and raised. 

If we are your local farmer, we encourage you to contact us for a farm tour.  We value educating others as well as ourselves.  If we are not in your local area, we encourage you to find and support a farmer near you.

The Story Behind our Homestead

The time had come! In the Spring of 2017 our family embarked on a dream. We sat down and laid out a plan to achieve both personal and professional “happiness” going forward. A no limits brainstorming session, anything and everything on the table! So, I spilled my simple country boy dream... provide for ourselves and give a little back by building a tranquil place being around and caring for farm animals. How unrealistic and downright INSANE that sounded coming out of my mouth. It would be in stark contrast to the life we were living at the time in middle/upper class suburbia. Not to mention probably not financially viable nor physically realistic. But, after deep discussion and a lot of prayer, the plan was set. We would develop and grow Rural Reverie.

Rural: in, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town

Reverie: a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream, a fanciful or impractical idea

Our impractical country daydream…
          Just so you know.      

We invite you to share in this journey on our FaceBook page, and if possible stop by the farm. 

Disclaimer:  Others may not agree fully with our beliefs or even not at all.  That’s okay!  This is OUR homestead and enjoy sharing it with likeminded folks.