Wholes, Halves & Boxes

Our homestead is small; because of this, the best way we can serve others is through our whole, half, and box sales. After feeding our family in the healthiest way we can, we aim to spend time together in our very busy lives. Through these larger sales we are able to buy back some of that valuable time, thus we prioritize these sales above all others.

Being a homestead and not a full-fledged business we set limits to what we provide, what we have in abundance is what we offer annually. We say this to let folks know; when we are out, we are out!        

Want to buy the proverbial (or actual) cow? Customize every cut, just how you like? Stock your freezer right here at a large discount. Typically, wholes are 20% cheaper, halves are 15% cheaper, and boxes are 10% cheaper than buying by the individual cut.

Get a simple, full service, experience and work directly with us to perfect your order!

*In addition to these savings, our 5% U.S. Veteran's Discount may also be applied.