The time has come! In the Spring of 2017 our family embarked on a dream.  We sat down and laid out a plan to achieve both personal and professional “happiness” going forward.  A no limits brainstorming session, anything and everything on the table!  So, I spilled my simple country boy dream...  make a living being around and caring for farm animals.  How unrealistic and downright INSANE that sounded coming out of my mouth.  It would be in stark contrast to the life we were living at the time in middle/upper class suburbia.  Not to mention probably not financially viable nor physically realistic.  But, after deep discussion and a lot of prayer, the plan was set.  We would develop and grow Rural Reverie.

Rural:  in, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town

Reverie:  a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream, a fanciful or impractical idea

Our impractical country daydream…
          Just so you know.      

We invite you to share in this journey through this journal, on our FaceBook page, and if possible stop by the farm.  Our intention is to simply share our story and answer questions.  At times we may discuss lighthearted subjects and at others deeper.  We order our lives:  Faith, Family, Freedom, Farming.  We intend to stick to those subjects on this post.  If you want us to write or post on a specific subject or item let us know, ruralreverie@gmail.com.

Disclaimer:  Others may not agree fully with our beliefs or even not at all.  That’s okay!  This is OUR take.


  • Shirley Hall

    It’s great to see all you are doing. Y’all are really busy. Sure do miss all of you.

  • Ricardo Garcia

    Congratulations. I love it, absolutly beautifull. In Jesus Christ name I pray he bless your family and farm and freedom for this generation and future generations and I will continue doing so.

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