Pork Fat - $4.00/Lb
Pork Fat - $4.00/Lb
Pork Fat - $4.00/Lb

Pork Fat - $4.00/Lb

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The secret weapon for crispy fried chicken is right here, only it's really not a secret! 

Folks just stopped using lard because substitutes were considered a more healthy option... and generally speaking, that's true!  If you buy lard from commercial stock, off the shelf.  At Rural Reverie our pigs grow up in pastures, eating grasses and whatever else they can dig up. They are also exercising in the sun every day of their lives, except when it rains.  That's pig-palooza, they love the mud! 

Why does this matter? Not all fat is created equal.  Fact: Pasture raised pork fat is higher in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients! This includes vitamins A and D, in which most Americans are deficient.  Did you know, as monogastric animals, like humans, pigs make vitamin D in their skin and in their fat when they’re exposed to sunlight? 

Pigs that live indoors, in confinement, mass treated with antibiotics, on very strict $$$ based diets produce lard that's bad for you?  No way!  

Not saying pasture raised pork lard is healthy.  But it is healthier!  Moderation.

Off our soapbox, this stuff is versatile!  Infuse with herbs, smoke if you choose? Then render for future needs.  We keep a couple Ball jars full for a quick dollop.  Around deer season this stuff goes fast as many hunters use this more natural product to add to the deer sausage.